Saturday, 13 October 2012

Class magazines

Nowadays children produce a lot of literary items as a part of class room activities. They write poetry, rhyme ,skits, diaries, letters, slogans, etc. Many of them are outstanding pieces. But unfortunately the windows for these little buds to the outer sky are limited.

Every school can have magazines of their own utilizing the IT facilities already available there. If not, the schools can think about other ways.
Admitting the fact that we have less time to make a magazine, the following are some tips to save time.
1. Releasing a magazine can be taken as an activity of the English club.
2. Distribute uniform sheets of paper to children to save time.
3. Compile these sheets to form a magazine.
 Simple rhymes can be elicited in the following way
Give last lines of a rhyme
for Eg:




Rain is a dream!

Let children compose their own lines. Select the best lines and include it in the magazine.

Similarly, other discourses can also be developed.

Friends, Your suggestions are awaited!
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Classroom instructions/directions

Some examples are given. Please add more interactions.

Can you write the answer on BB ?
Would you mind cleaning the board, please ?
Why don’t you stop talking and start reading ?
If you got the idea, you can write.
How about ___________
What about _________
I want
I’d like

    all of you
you all    
the whole class

answer this question
repeat this sentence
continue this sentence
correct my statements

II       Checking attence
          Is                Anybody absent ?
                             Everybody here ?

Right now


I am going to


Let’s see

Call the roll
Call your names
See, if you are all here
Who’s absent
If anyone is away.

III.   Getting organized.
some one


clean the BB ?


some one


the BB?